Artist's statement :

Great art is created by those who have mastered techniques applicable to expression, who have learned to flow with instinct, to be in the moment.

When i dj, i feel alive. i love music - music is happiness, music is every emotion. i feel alive when i connect to minds, to bodies, to families, tribes, histories.

i have sought to understand what i do emotionally and scientifically, to approach it holistically and trust myself to take chances, to defy categorization and exceed expectations... to exceed my own expectations, to experience every event uniquely.

i have taken every opportunity to experience any side of djing that i have not yet experienced... this way, i learn different histories, and can connect to a greater sense of the zeitgeist, to truly understand the fundamental connection to the the soul that is shared through music.

i am willing to step outside of my comfort zone and take chances, i use tools (rather than gimmicks) to find ways of lighting up the minds and bodies of anyone willing and able to celebrate... to cross boundaries with a producer's ear, a musician's art and an artist's sprezzatura... to define a moment, as surely as a photograph.

i have striven to perform with excellence, not to receive rewards, but to have and to share in rewarding experiences. i have trusted djing to support me, so long as i commit to it.

i am a dj, because it chose me.

Biography :

Addam entered the nightclub and sound industry as a teenager, performing as a drummer in and running live sound & lighting for rock bands in NJ/NYC area nightclubs. He pursued an education in communications and broadcast production, and then began his professional DJ career in 1995 with the Boston area's largest mobile event production company. After quickly mastering the dance floor arts & mixing techniques, 'DJ addambombb' was soon recognized with numerous awards as being at the top of his profession.

DJ addambombb blends the retroactive with the cutting edge, at the same time both eclectic and familiar. While consistently maintaining a technical and aesthetic flow of rhythm and energy, his sets are explorations of sound and style... and dance. His creativity, musical knowledge, and diversity assure a unique experience at every appearance. He can rock any audience, dj addambombb is the dj who can spin anything – his experiences range from top 40 dance, hip hop, euro, disco, electronic and alternative clubs to weddings, corporate events, cruises, colleges, grad schools, sweet 16’s, mitzvot, and graduations back to fire culture and belly dance events, raves and more. He has performed for many happy couples, and his clients have included numerous Harvard, Lesley and MIT groups and companies like Jim Henson Productions, Sephora, Millennium Pharmaceuticals and EnerNOC.

DJ addambombb has played in too many venues to list, from backyards to the Wang Center for the Performing Arts. He has been a favorite headliner at nightclubs such as ManRay, the Melodrom and Element NYC. As the seven-year resident dj and producer of the biggest weekly alternative music dance party in the Northeast US, Addam apprenticed some the most popular djs in the scene and influenced the sound of the underground throughout the region - and well beyond. Additionally, he has performed on tour in dozens of cities domestically & internationally, and has produced many special events combining to thousands of events with a huge range of experience.

His breakout single "Could It Be" held top ten slots on the Myspace unsigned artist charts. He has produced dozens of concert events featuring acts like #1 Billboard chart toppers the Cruxshadows (gothic rock),Rasputina (cello rock), Gene Loves Jezebel (alternative pop) and Razed In Black (trance/electronic rock). He also specializes in nightclub, custom wedding and high end corporate events including consulting, project management, sound and lighting. DJ addambombb is the premier choice for any party!

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